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Phoenix Garage Floors has been cleaning, sealing, and coating garages, concrete, and carports for over five years in Arizona. We specialize in using Veron Coating Systems, Granite Cote blends and Granite Cote solids, which uses a polymer modified overlay, acrylic coating and sealers, acrylic urethane coatings, waterborne epoxy floor coatings, high solid epoxy coatings, and chemical resistant polyurethane coatings.

Your garage is ready right now! Our experienced installers will clean and remove all of the stains that are currently blemishing your garage floors. We use environmentally safe and controlled cleaning chemicals, pressure washers and scrapers to make sure that the surface is free from oils, chemicals, and contaminants. The concrete is then dried and all major cracks and divots are filled with sealers. And that's how we prepare your floor for a beautiful new finish (so you don't have to).

Phoenix Garage Floors uses top of the line materials with all their applications. Take a look at our before and after pictures


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and see for yourself what we can do for you and your home.